Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Update - 1

It's been quite a while since I've updated the blog. To those who happen to come up on it on the internet, I apologize, but I do have some things to report.

First, my daughter is in 5th grade this year. Second, her teachers are actually working with me and actually paying attention to her accommodations. This is new! Last year, it was the worst year EVER and they ignored everything. This year is different and I'm happy about that.

Now. She's had all of her updated testing done and I gotta tell you, the doctor just added more to the list.

2. Dyslexia
3. Dyscalculia (new)
4. Written Expression Disorder (new)

So now I have two extra things to deal with even though I already knew about them. They've just been officially diagnosed.

Although she has a wonderful doctor, the doctor did stress medicine. Now I'm wondering if I'm doing a disservice to my child by not giving her the Focalin every day like I "should" be. 90% of the time I think I'm not doing her a disservice because we repetition, she is fine. Her reading fluency has improved leaps and bounds. She still isn't at grade level but she's come SUCH a long way. As far as her ADHD goes, she isn't the hyperactive one, she's the severely inattentive one. Basically she daydreams a lot, loses her place, loses things etc. Dyscalculia is new but I already knew about it and knew she had it. Dyscalculia is basically where you have a sequencing issue when it comes to math. In other words, you can't figure out what step goes when if you're trying to do a math problem. And finally the WED, she can't get her thoughts together to put them onto paper.

That's a lot, right? No. I've already known all of these things and I'd already been doing everything that her doctor eventually suggested to help her deal with all these things.

So now, the issue is medication. I don't feel like the medication will solve her sequencing issue with Dyscalculia. I don't think the medication will solve the WED. Yes, it will keep her focused, but if you can't get your thoughts together anyway, why add medicine to it? I do believe the medicine helps with retention and attention if given daily. I saw positive proof of that when I was giving it to her before.

This is such a hard one. I don't know what to do now. I feel like I should at least try it out again. After all, she'll be in 6th grade next year. Should I wait until then?

GAH! I'm just so confused.

Update soon.

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