Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I had a great day."

I'd been pretty consistent, up until the last month or so, about giving my daughter her Focalin on school days. February rolled around and I began having some issues and therefore forgetting a lot of things. Her Focalin was one. On average, I was sending her to school maybe 2 days out of 5 with the Focalin in her system. Then I remember her not getting it once a whole week. Anyhow ... Since things lightened up and I began giving it to her every day consistently, she's had such positive things to say about school.

Don't get me wrong, she hadn't been having bad days at school but I remember her saying things like 'I was so giggly today. I couldn't help myself, everything was funny.' Or she wouldn't get any of her homework done at school when she's been given time to do some. Although my baby has no behavior problems at school, it was clear she wasn't paying as great attention as she would have been.

This week, I've been consistent with the Focalin as I should have been all the time and today she got in the car and said 'I had a great day. I got some of my homework done at school so I don't have much to do at home.' The day before that, she told me she got a 9 out of 10 score on a book test. I also notice, that despite I've said the Focalin 'wears off' in the evening, I have a much easier time with her homework when she's had the Focalin that morning.

That's all for now. Hope your children are doing well.

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  1. I was wondering if you still have your daughter on Focalin, its 2014 and I don't see anymore posts. How are things going?

    I have a 6 (soon to be 7) boy and we just went to Dr and said he has ADD. He is very smart, grades are A's & B's but only because she was letting him bring his unfinished work home and giving him extra time to finish tests in class. He is very unfocused, fidgety and talkative. Now because its later in the year she can't give him extra time anymore and his grades are going down, not because he doesn't understand or know the work, but because of focus. He will "drift off" and take forever! Same with HW's. Doctor told us he needs Focalin. My concern is his growth (height) and that he doesn't become a zombie or depressed (down) as side effect.