Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3rd Grade - Week 4: I'm Having Issues

The issues I'm having are not with my daughter. It's with her teacher. She's very sweet but a little ... What's the word? Scatterbrained? Maybe ... Let's use that for lack of a better word.

I really don't think she understands my concern. I don't think she understands the amount of concern. I think shes operating this ship as if my child doesn't need certain things.

Like I said ... She's very sweet and wants to help but I don't think she knows how.

In the beginning of the year, we sat down and had a talk. It was myself, my daughters teacher (we will call her Mrs. A), my daughters reading coach and go-to-for-everything-not-finished (we will call her Mrs. B) and the school counselor (Mrs. C). I informed them of her doctor recommended needs (Mrs. B and Mrs. C were already familiar because they worked with her last year) and Mrs. A said she would accommodate among other great things. She gave me a great talk about how 'kiddos with dyslexia' need extra time and blah blah blah and how she's fine with all that stuff.

GREAT ... No need to worry!

Now that we're a month into school I am more frustrated now than I have ever been in my life. Why? Because her teacher is scatterbrained.

Is your child (no matter if they have ADHD or Dyslexia) a little forgetful? Mine is EXTREMELY forgetful and I have had to almost beg Mrs. A at least once or twice a week to pack her books for her. I thought it was a small thing to ask because if my daughter does not pack all of her books, she will forget something vital she needs for homework to be completed that night, then I'm sending the teacher and email that she forgot her workbook and therefore the work isn't done.

I say again ... I have repeatedly asked this woman to pack her books for her, or at least have her pack everything! Now it seems like every single day, I am getting emails from her teacher about missing homework. I got 4 today and I am so frustrated I could scream. I am in no way upset with my daughter, that's something she can't help. She's that way at home and nothing will change that. But I am begging this woman, on a regular basis, to at least check and see what she packed and it's not happening.

So this is what I've done. The hardback books they use, go back to school every day for class lessons ... That's fine ... The workbooks are the big things she continues to forget at school so I have gone the route of purchasing all of her books on Thankfully, they're each under $10 used or like new. The only one that costs a good amount is her math workbook but I have made copies at home, lol.

Am I just reading too much into this? When my daughter doesn't have work done, then she's sent to Mrs. B to do it with her but if Mrs. B isn't available ... Then she has double or triple the work load for homework that night. It's so frustrating.

AND THEN TO TOP IT OFF ... I ask Mrs. B if the Focalin has changed her any and she tells me she sees no change in her behavior.
Mrs. A ... The scatterbrained teacher ... Still hasn't answered my question. *smacks forehead* I've asked twice.

You guys ... I'm trying not to lose my mind. And my little girl HATES going to school with out her homework finished. Any suggestions? Am I alone in feeling this way or am I just a nervous nutjob?

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