Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 19

When my daughters doctor told me that her lack of appetite was a side effect, that was no joke. Her appetite is consistent but soooooo lacking. My child is pretty stocky. I call her 'solid.' I'd been buying her jeans, shorts and dresses in size 10 despite she just turned 9. But I began to notice that her shorts and jeans in the size 10 were too big now. I do, however, buy the bottoms that have those adjustable waist bands and they'd been adjusted when I first bought them, but I've had to pull them tighter as she started to complain about them falling.

I decided trying out the Focalin was done and it would work for the school year so I held off on giving her the Focalin for a few days. Oh ... My ... God ... Immediately, she went back to her old self. Eating everything, bouncing around like crazy and all of the above. Just as if she was never on it before. But then I find myself wondering how in the world I ever got along without the Focalin in the first place because the amount hyper-activeness changed so much! Just 2 days ago and began giving her the Focalin again so we could get back our reading and phonics work that she so desperately needs.

Sidebar: Her doctor suggested I buy the earobics step 1 because of her lack of phonological awareness. I must say it has helped SO MUCH. When we watch television and words pop up quickly on the screen, she can actually catch them and read them out without a problem. So happy with this! I will say its tedious and so boring but is so worth it.

Like I was saying, we're back on the Focalin and she's calmed down just the right amount. School starts on the 20th and I anticipate this will be a wonderful year. More updates will come, of course, as school swings into session.

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