Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 8

So we've made it through a week successfully. The only issue is her appetite, which I was warned about. It hasn't dwindled as much as some parents' said their children's appetites had so I'm grateful. She consistently eats oatmeal, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, lots of fruit, toast and other kiddie favorites like french fries and pizza. Anything else is a little bit of a fight and I have to make her eat a few bites more.

I do notice when she 'comes down' from the medicine. It's in the evening sometimes after about 6 or 7, which is great, which means it will last the school day successfully. The 'come down' isn't a big switch like a button flipped but it's a gradual slide back to her usual happy jumping self.

On top of this going on, she's turning 9 in just a few days and is going through her very first stage a puberty, getting those dreaded 'mosquito bites' aka small breasts. They're very small and nothing to be alarmed over but it is noticeable when she wears thin tank tops or thin tshirts of light colors.

Anyhow. I asked my sister and brother in law if they'd noticed anything. We were on vacation for a few days but I didn't think a difference would be notice but they saw something. They both agreed that even though she was still herself, she wasn't as spacey as usual. That gave me a little hope. She's also been receiving compliments from family members who have no idea she is on medication, that she's a lot easier to handle in the day time.

Now on day 8, she woke up, had her breakfast and started playing. Somewhere around 2, I realized she was jumping around, happy as usual, but just all over the place ... I forgot to give her the pill. I slapped my own forehead and gave her the pill. About an hour later, she'd calmed down a bit.

It's a 5mg XR dosage so I don't expect any HUGE difference but the difference I've seen so far is fairly decent. She's not a zombie, still very much herself, but has a bit more focus and has slowed down enough to pay attention. YAY! The real test, of course, will be when school begins August 20th. I'll keep her on the prescription and then consult with her teachers during the school year and keep you updated.

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